Innovative Logistics/Time Honored Rules

What makes YAMATO able to work faster at lower cost and higher quality while servicing its customers?

Innovative logistics and time honored rules. More than just a cliche, YAMATO has been at the forefront of shipping logistics for almost 100 years.

TA-Q-BIN is at the heart of all YAMATO innovation. The approach creates the most efficient, flexible and sustainable operation in the industry. It can create scalable solutions for almost any business or industry.

YAMATO is known for creating unprecedented innovative services to achieve the highest in customer satisfaction. The approach sounds simple, treat whole industries as a “customer”, i.e., the automotive industry. Build up a sufficient demand in each industry by providing superior service.

First Service, then profits. First Trucks, then freight.


YAMATO became Japan’s #1 delivery service by employing our founders three precepts:

We all represent the company.

We connect our customers' hearts with every delivery.

We conduct ourselves both professionally and ethically.

For the near future, YAMATO has further extended the spirit of TA-Q-BIN efficiencies with their new “Value Networking” Design. The initiative is about extending services to each industry. For example, YAMATO now works with overseas companies to marketing their products worldwide. Because of “Value Networking,” a YAMATO client can now complete next-day deliveries of fresh products anywhere in Asia. YAMATO also helped medical device manufacturers by enabling a 24-hour cleaning, maintenance and holding of inventory stock at its Haneda Chronogate headquarters. By eliminating the need for sending surgical medical devices to cleaning/maintenance bases, movements and inventory pressure for the customer is drastically reduced.